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KT Blogger website is all about providing top-notch blogging tips, SEO knowledge, SEO updates, SEO strategies, WordPress plugins and themes reviews, Make money online skills with experience, Business ideas, entrepreneurship, Inspirational quotes, and Motivational quotes.

KT Blogger is founded by Khizer Tariq, who is an SEO executive, analyst, and specialist for more than 6 years. He ran a few successful blogs in the traveling, mobile & pc gaming, technology, banking & finance, education, and motivational speakers industries.

He has ranked and recovered many websites from Google algorithmic hits or penalties. Moreover, He is teaching and making content on Facebook & youtube on SEO, Blogging, and Tech.

His personal brand channel, “KT Blogger,” has almost 50,000 viewers. Follow on LinkedinFacebookTwitter, Pinterest, Instagram & Youtube.

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