Free SEO Course in Pakistan & India (2024): KT’s Freemium SEO Methods for Top Rankings

Are you having trouble getting people to visit your website? Does it feel like you’re working hard but not seeing enough results? It can be really annoying when your efforts don’t pay off.

But don’t worry! Freemium SEO Methods by KT Group can help. In this Premium free SEO course online for beginners and experts, I will show you some easy and effective ways to improve your website using both free and paid SEO tricks. Get ready to make your website more popular and attract more visitors! 🌟📈

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Freemium SEO Methods by KT | All Training Sessions | Free SEO Course 2024

Lecture 1

In the first lecture of our premium free SEO course online, we saw how you can quickly start earning on your website using the Ahrefs tool, and within 2 weeks, your earnings will begin. Besides this, we also saw how you can make a minimum of $500 monthly. In lecture 1 part 2, we learned how, as a newbie or beginner, you can start SEO and how to select a niche. After watching both sessions, be sure to leave your feedback in the comments section.

Part 1: How to Earn Money in a Quick Way through Websites 

Part 2: Niche Research for Beginners 


How to join sessions live?

Ans: You can join live sessions after joining our WhatsApp group. You can find the link in the above section.

Can I earn money online in Pakistan after watching these sessions?

Ans: Yes, you can earn handsome money after watching these premium sessions. All you have to do is to implement things on time.

Where do I share my feedback?

Ans: You can share your feedback on the sessions on your Facebook timeline by tagging Muhammad Khizer Tariq Facebook profile.