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Ignite Your Desires | 7 Act as If Law of Attraction in Action

If I want to attract good things into my life, then the first thing that I need to do is to act as if I have already received them. 

If I start behaving like someone who has already achieved something, the universe will respond. Unleash Your Dreams: How to Act as If Law of Attraction Success.

The Act As If Dr. Wayne Dyer developed the technique to create self-fulfillment without actually having to experience those things. Dr. Wayne Dyer talks about his signature technique to help you achieve your goals. Mindset Mastery: Embracing the Act as If Law of Attraction.

This article will teach you a secret I use to manifest my dreams. It’s called the “Act As If” technique. It’s one of the most powerful secrets to manifesting your desires the Act As If method trains your subconscious to believe that you already have what you desire. Law of attraction act as if you already have it? Act as if the law of attraction? acting as if technique law of attraction? what’s the law of attraction? what is the law of attraction?.

Act as If Law of Attraction Techniques Revealed

It works so well because when you act as if you already have it, you create a stronger sense of self-belief. 

So you’ll start believing that you already have what you desire. Once you think you already have it, you’ll start acting as if you already have it. 

  • Let me tell you something about The Act As If Technique. Spiritual and motivational speakers use this technique to help people manifest their desires. It is a simple and effective technique to manifest your dreams, but it requires effort and dedication.

What is the Basic Principle Behind this Technique?

You will find the basic principle behind this technique in the movie “The Secret”. In the film, the main character explains that whatever you are thinking or imagining, you will start feeling it in your life. So, you will feel what you are thinking. Experience the Magic: Act as If Law of Attraction and the Power of Now.

And now, I will use this technique to explain the process of manifesting your dreams.

Act as If Law of Attraction

How to Use this Technique?

  • The first thing is that you need to identify the dream. You can ask yourself, “What is my dream”? And you will come up with a clear answer. Journey to Abundance: Act as If Law of Attraction Unveiled.
  • Now, you need to imagine the process of achieving your dream. For example, you can imagine losing weight if you want to lose weight.
  • The next step is to start acting as if you have already achieved your dream. So, when you go to sleep, you can say, “I already have lost the weight”.
  • The final step is to continue acting as if you have achieved your dream until it becomes a reality.


You are working hard to become a successful business person, you are working hard to buy a house, you are working hard to earn a good amount of money, and you are working hard to get a perfect body.

When you are working hard to achieve something, you will feel that you are in the position where you have reached your goal, and you will also think that you will achieve it very soon.

The ‘Act As If’ Strategy

The ‘Act As If’ strategy is an ancient technique that has been around for centuries and is used to make the impossible possible. Empower Your Reality: Harnessing the Act as If Law of Attraction.

  • Let’s look at the seven techniques that make up this great strategy.

1. Act as if you have Already Achieved the Goal

Before you can achieve anything, you have to believe that you can. If you don’t think you can, you won’t be motivated to make the changes.

2. Act as if you have Already Succeeded

We all fail sometimes, but that is not what we should focus on. Instead, we should celebrate the fact that we have made a mistake and learned something.

3. Act as if you have Already Mastered the Subject

When you are learning a new skill, you will make mistakes. This is perfectly normal. However, not letting these mistakes prevent you from achieving the goal is important.

4. Act as if you Already Got the Job

In life, there are plenty of people who get what they want. They will make the right moves and put the work in.

5. Act as if you already did what you were Supposed to

You will never complete something if you wait for someone to give you instructions. You have to figure it out yourself and take action.

6. Act as if you are Already Rich

If you don’t believe you deserve to be rich, you will never achieve this goal.

7. Act as if you already have what you want

This is the most important rule of all. If you don’t believe you will achieve the goal, you will never go for it.

Steps to Manifest With the Law of Attraction

The secret to manifesting your dreams lies in your mind. You have to think about your goals and objectives as if they were already true. You must live as if they have already come to pass. 

This is why you often find that people who procrastinate when it comes to work or money end up getting nothing done. Creating Miracles: Act as If Law of Attraction Techniques Demystified.

Their minds are too busy trying to convince themselves that the situation won’t change. If you want to live as if your dreams are already true, you have to start living as if they have already become a reality.

1. Be Grateful

It is very common for us to feel bad after receiving something good. We tend to complain and feel sorry for ourselves, but this is the wrong way to respond to good things.

If you receive good things in your life, you need to be thankful for them. When you feel grateful, you will feel happier and more positive.

2. Smile

Smiling is a great way to act as if the law of attraction technique works. You can use the mirror to make a habit of smiling and enjoying the moments.

3. Think Positively

We can’t control what happens around us, but we can control our thoughts. If you are thinking negatively, then it will only affect the way you react to the situation.

Instead of thinking negatively, think positively and enjoy the moment.

4. Have a Positive Mindset

You can use affirmations to make a habit of thinking positively. Reading inspiring books that will make you feel more positive is also a great idea.

5. Enjoy the Moment

We are constantly bombarded by messages that tell us to be stressed and worried, but we need to enjoy the moments of our lives.

You will attract happiness and positivity if you can be happy and grateful.


If I believe I can do something, I will become a person who can do it. I must act as if I already have what I desire.

When I act as if something is true, I set the conditions for it to manifest in my life. My mind can create whatever I focus on, so I must choose the thoughts that will bring success. For example, if I want to lose weight, I can decide to think about food all day long, or I can think about something else, such as exercising. Stepping into Your Future: Act as If Law of Attraction Roadmap.

This is why it’s important to get clear on your vision for the future. This is a great technique because it visualizes goals and manifests them well. I hope you found it helpful.

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