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Bing SEO Optimization Guidelines | Top Ranking Factors 2024

Have you ever tried Bing as a tier 2 search indexer? or Baidu? It’ll not only give you an edge over the crawl budget, but it’ll also give you instant traffic from their search engine due to very low competition. Keep reading; you’ll see below the top 5 Bing SEO ranking factors and guidelines for optimization by Khizer Tariq.

In blogging, All SEOs always look for Google search engine to rank their websites, but have you ever researched the same keyword trends in Bing? You will love to know that this article will give you a slight edge in the competitive industry of Google SEO because Bing is the 2nd biggest search engine for written content. It captures almost 21% market share in the USA only.

Moreover, the traffic coming from Bing is always of high quality. The visitors read your page for a longer time than Google visitors. According to Matthew Woodward, Bing users view the page more, and you get high CTR on your affiliate links.

What is Bing?

Bing: “Because It’s Not Google,” is it? Not really!

Microsoft is the founder of Bing’s search engine. Due to its easy pronunciation, Microsoft gave the name Bing to function cleverly in the digital world. The name is a little similar to the most common word, ‘Bingo.’ Bingo means that you have found something.

And, the term would make clear the sound produced at the moment of discovery and decision-making. Microsoft employees were using Kumo as the code word for Bing. Before Bing, Microsoft was using traditional live search, MSN, and Windows live searching. It was created and operating in May-June 2009 by Steve Ballmer, who is the CEO of Microsoft. Moreover, Bing is a similar or good alternative to Google, and it has more than 1000 ranking factors.

What does Ranking Factor or Signal Do?

With tons of web pages available on the internet, a search engine can’t give users the best relevant result without algorithms or ranking factors. Bing, Google, and other search engines manage their ranking systems by sorting the best web results through their index. You always find the most valuable and relevant information on the top within a second due to pre-crawled results by crawlers. Those crawlers or spiders crawl tons of web pages on tons of keyword or user queries every second.

Search engines consistently rank a website by looking at its algorithm ranking factors. There are many ranking factors and differences in each search engine. It includes web user search intent, relevancy, topical authority, user-friendly design, search engine-friendly design, page authority, website authority, target location, website age, etc.

Moreover, each search engine has trained experts who’re regularly checking the web results and quality. They maintained quality every day, and thus you received daily tons of SEO updates. You can see their quality ratings and daily minor updates on tools like Cognitive SEO.

Bing SEO Optimization Guidelines

Like Google, Bing’s search engine also provides a great opportunity for bloggers to rank their content and earn money via ads or affiliates. Bing search engine is working on several ranking factors they have written on their webmaster guidelines.

According to my experience and hands-on research, here are some of the top 5 Bing SEO ranking factors you should look for:

1) EMD Domain: Best Bing SEO Ranking Factors

Unlike Google, Bing’s search engine also loves niche sites with maximum topical clusters. If you have EMD (Exact Match Domain), you’ll rank more in the bing search. Additionally, there are no bing SEO ranking factors for domain extension, and you can use any extension.

2) Original Content: bing SEO ranking factors for Content

Bing always respects those websites that are writing high-quality original content. You should avoid writing content that you copied from top websites, and you’re not adding value to it. I hope, you like this bing SEO ranking factors.

3) Meta Keywords: Bing SEO ranking factors for Blogs

Meta keywords, really? Hmm yes! I’ve seen that after using meta keywords in my article using an SEO plugin, I got a ranking in Bing too. But, that’s not always the case. You can use meta keywords; it’ll give you a slight edge in the ranking.

4) Keyword in Meta Title: Bing SEO ranking factors for Websites

You should always use high-frequency keywords in your title. Or, you can directly use the keyword in your title in the beginning. Adding your keyword in the first words of the meta title will give you a slight edge in Bing SEO.

5) On-site and On-Page SEO

Onsite or Technical SEO always works to impress any search engine and the user. A properly optimized website will give the Bing crawler a signal to read your webpage more quickly than others. You should optimize your website speed, navigation, theme design, interlinks, and outbound links.

In addition, Bing loves it when a content author adds a link to some outside reference source and its own internal pages. So, adding these will also give you a slight edge in the ranking!

Final Words:

Google is always the best search engine to get a maximum market share, but optimizing for Bing will also give you 21% more!

These are the top 5 ranking factors that I experienced for Bing search engine SEO. You can follow these tips, and if you have some helpful insights, I would love to see your comments on this article. Also, don’t spam in optimizing your site for Bing because Bing will deindex your site at any time.

Happy Blogging!

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