Domino's franchise cost in India

Domino’s Franchise Cost in India in 2024

Domino’s is one of the most popular pizza chains in the world, and when it comes to India, it has gained immense popularity among food lovers. 

Over the years, Domino’s has become a household name and is synonymous with quick and delicious pizza delivery. As such, many entrepreneurs are looking to open a Domino’s Franchise in India to capitalize on this growing trend. Many people want to know about Domino’s Franchise in India how much does It Really Cost? or is Domino’s franchise profitable in India and what contact number. We cover all the topics about Domino’s Franchise Cost in India in this topic.

Investing Wisely: Domino’s Franchise Cost in India

The cost of a Domino’s Franchise varies depending on the city and area, but generally speaking, it can range from Rs 4 lakhs to Rs 10 lakhs. 

Additionally, the total investment required for setting up and running a Domino’s Franchise in India can be between Rs 25 lakhs to Rs 50 lakhs. This includes costs for location selection, initial setup, interiors and furniture, staff training, and marketing expenses.

When considering investing in a Domino’s Franchise in India, entrepreneurs should pay close attention to local laws and regulations surrounding food businesses. 

It is important to ensure that you have enough financial resources to finance the entire process and sustain the company until it starts generating profits. 

Overall, Domino’s Franchise in India is a great business opportunity that presents an exciting and profitable venture for entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on the growing demand for pizza delivery options. Anyone can start their own Domino’s Franchise in India with proper research and financial resources.

Domino's franchise cost in India

The scope of Domino’s Pizza Franchise Outlet

1. Franchisees need to invest about Rs 20 lakhs to open a Domino’s outlet in India. This includes the cost of equipment, furniture, interior design, branding, and promotions, as well as other miscellaneous expenses.

2. Additionally, a security deposit amount that is equivalent to three months’ inventory costs (excluding VAT) needs to be provided. The deposit will be refunded after the completion of three years with no outstanding dues.

3. Franchisees must also pay an annual royalty fee between 8-10%, depending on their outlet’s location and operational performance. Other requirements are signing a non-compete agreement and obtaining necessary local permits and licenses. Empowering Entrepreneurs All about Domino’s Franchise Cost in India.

4. Furthermore, opening a Domino’s outlet requires the franchisee to have an area of at least 400-500 sq. ft in a prime location with good visibility and accessibility.

5. Finally, franchisees must also be adequately staffed with well-trained personnel capable of delivering quality customer service and efficient food preparation. They should also be aware of local regulations and health codes.

By following the right steps, investing in a Domino’s Franchise could be a lucrative business opportunity with great growth potential. You can become a successful franchisee and benefit from this popular pizza chain’s success with dedication and hard work.

Types of Domino’s Franchises in India

  • Classic Franchise: 

Classic franchises are the most common type of Domino’s Franchise in India, whereby you partner with Domino’s and run your store as part of the global Domino’s network.

  • Non-Traditional Franchise: 

Non-traditional franchises involve setting up temporary stores at airports, university campuses, or other venues on an event basis. Therefore, these franchises do not require permanent establishments and are less costly to set up than classic franchises.

  • Traditional Retail Store: 

A traditional retail store involves a full restaurant where customers can eat their orders in-house instead of delivering them to their homes. This type of Franchise requires more investment but can also generate higher profits.

No matter which type of Domino’s Franchise you choose to open in India, you must have all the required information at hand before taking the plunge. With proper research, planning, and financial support, you can quickly set up a successful business and earn profits. 

Basics for Opening a Domino’s Franchise in India 

1. Required Documentation: 

Before setting up a Domino’s Franchise in India, you must obtain all the required legal documents from the local authorities. This includes your company registration certificate and other licenses or permits.

2. Legal Contract: 

Once you have finalized the paperwork with Domino’s, you will need to sign a Franchise Agreement outlining the terms and conditions of your Franchise. Make sure to read through the document carefully before signing it.

3. Training: 

You will also need to complete training sessions with Dominoes before opening your Franchise, which will help equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills for running a successful business in India. Educational Guide is very important to Understanding Domino’s Franchise Cost in India.

4. Location: 

Location is an important factor in the success of any franchise. Choose a strategic location to enable your business to reach its target customers. Remembering these important points, you can ensure that your Domino’s franchise venture in India is successful and profitable. Taking the right steps before starting a business can help ensure your investment pays off in the long run. Your Roadmap to Success: Domino’s Franchise Cost in India Demystified.

How to start Domino’s Franchise in India?

Do Your Research:

Ensure you have the knowledge and experience to run a successful franchise.

Get Financing:

The total cost to open a Domino’s Franchise in India can range from Rs 25 lakhs to Rs 50 lakhs, so ensure you have enough funds available before starting your venture. Domino’s Franchise Cost in India also depends on many factors but this is Your Path to Profitability.

Submit an Application:

Contact Domino’s directly for further information on how to apply for a franchise.

Acquire Necessary Licenses:

Obtaining various licenses and permits is essential when setting up a business, including a Domino’s Franchise in India.

Set Up Shop:

Once all the documentation has been finalized, you can begin setting up your Franchise. From finding and purchasing the necessary equipment to hiring staff, this is an important step towards success.

By following these steps, you will be well on your way to opening a successful Domino’s franchise in India. And with the rising popularity of pizza delivery services can be a great business opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to tap into this growing industry.


What is Domino’s franchise fee?

The franchise fee to open a Domino’s restaurant in India is approximately Rs 50 lakhs. This covers the cost of setting up the business, training, and other associated charges.

Can I own a Domino’s Franchise in India?

Yes, you can own a Domino’s Franchise in India. All you need to do is submit an application to Dominoes and ensure you have the necessary funds, expertise, and licenses to start a business.

Is Dominos profitable in India?

Yes, Domino’s is profitable in India. With a strategic location and efficient operations, you can make profits relatively quickly.


Opening a Domino’s Franchise in India can be a great business opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to tap into the booming pizza delivery industry. Being well-prepared is essential to making sound financial decisions while entering such an investment. The above information should help entrepreneurs better understand the cost of opening a Domino’s Franchise in India.

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